The Oath of Betar


By Ze'ev Jabotinsky


(translated from Hebrew)



Ani bone mamlechet zera ever,
Betar le-Yisrael ha-sar ve'ha'rozen
Asher yado timloch me'hena u'me'ever
Le'lahav HaYarden

I am building the Jewish State,
Betar in Israel is the prince and ruler,
Who will rule on this side and the other,
Of the flame of the Jordan.



Had Nes:

One Banner:

Laven - tachol ve'in sheni, lo ta'al
Ademet sha'atnez al ziv ha Ra'ayon
Ha'tsohar ha'ya'hid l'rvit po'el uva'al
Achim bonei Tsiyon

White and blue, and no other,
There will not be added the Redness of ad-mixture,
To the splendor of the ideal,
The only link between worker and owner,
Is that both are re-building Zion.





Leshon 'hayai, be'gil, yagon ve'za'am
Sefat amal, hirhur, mizmor, usefat banay
Shalshelet paz nitschit bein shir
Tel-Chai ve Ra'am
Ha'pele shel Sinai

My living language in joy,
In sorrow and in wroth,
The language of work, or thought of song,
The language of work, or thought of song,
The language of my children,
An eternal golden chain,
And those of the thunder - The wonder of Sinai.





Beyom sherut any ke'mot nechoshet Ke'gush barzel be'yedei nappach u'shmo
Tsiyon: Horsheni kirtzonecha
magal, gal-gal charoshet
O'cherev o figyon.

In a day of service I am like a bar of copper,
Like a mass of iron,
In the hands of the blacksmith whose name is Zion,
Mold me as you please,
A sickle, a machine wheel or a sword and a dagger.





Levrit amim egash abir, kegeshet
Ari el Arayot - achay lo menatzchay:
Ani 'hayal Betar, 'hayal limud hakeshet
Noter al saf Tel-Chai

I shall approach the company of nations gallantly,
Like a lion approaching lions, my brethren, not my conquerors,
I am a Betar soldier, a watchman on the threshold of Tel-Chai.





Midam Gid'on nizrati, lechamoni
Hadar ninei malchut ba'lev, ba'gev, ba'kol:
Yahir bi'fnei Sarim, anav umat ben-oni
Giver - k'dei limchol.

I am a descendent of Gideon,
One like me possesses the dignity,
Of royal descent in his heart, his body, in everything,
Proud in the presence of princes,
Humble with the poor,
Overcoming - to forgive





Lagil ba'dror - konein alecha geder!
'Hofshi et 'hok Betar himlachti al atzmi
Ki tsav Betar hu hed le'tsav libi


Ha'shar bit'hom dami.

To enjoy freedom,
Raise a fence around you,
Voluntarily I have imposed upon myself,
the law of the Betar,
For the command of Betar is the echo,
of my convictions:
To the vow that rises form the depths of my blood